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Groundtech - Evo



Low Cost
Search areas that you never could scan before
Light Weight
Highest resolution scan
Check 3D graphics directly from your smartphone
Easy to use
Looks like a trekking stick
No need for a computer or a system box
High Quality
Telescopic mechanism

Connect your Android smartphone with Evo and see the 3D graphics of the scanned underground. You don't need to carry any computer or system box for data analysis. It offers the opportunity to graphically analyze the scanned area with the most accurate results. Evo is compatible with your android mobile devices, tablets and computers, you only need your smartphone to use Evo. You can use it with Windows operating systems. You can install the application via the Google Play™ Store and Google Play™ website easily to activate it.

The graphical 3D representation indicates the existence of a buried object which has been detected underground.

The precise search sensor (ESR-1) allows you to detect hidden treasures, structures, cavities such as rooms, cellars, tunnels, graves, buried objects.

The Evo is lightweight, compact and has a telescopic mechanism that makes it easy to carry and search without being noticeable. You can analyze and examine the underground with the 3D processed version of the scanned area.

3D Graphics

You can examine the saved graphics. You can magnify, tilt or pan the graphics by using your fingers.

Color Sets

You may change the colors of collected data on the graphics.

Evo allows you to find metals and cavities buried up to 10 meters.

Evo allows searching in areas that you never could scan before!

3 search modes

1. Automatic Search Mode: You can start to scan underground with only one-touch dialling)

2. Manual Search Mode: You can set your own search range by pressing the signal key at each step

3. Live Scan Model: The Live Scan Mode feature allowing you to see buried objects as they pass over them. The Live Scan Mode allows you a quick scanning of large areas.

It is reasonable to search wide-ranging areas in the live mode to mark the relevant region and to subsequently analyse in the 3D mode explicitly.

Automatic & Manuel Search

3D Soil Search; enables forming 3-dimensional graphics depending on the scanning of a specific area. There are two different operating functions in soil search function, namely automatic and manual scans.

Live Search

Live search enables simultaneous data transfer in 2 dimensions. Objects with high magnetic susceptibility, metallic objects, cavities and structures buried underground may be viewed more quickly. Differentiations underground may be viewed in colors and numbers.


You use on your smartphone and tablet is available in 10 different language options. English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Italian Arabic, Persian, Russian

Save Your Scan

You can save the collected measurements and you can examine each saved data by opening them on the application, later.

Customize Application

You can save the collected measurements and you can examine each saved data by opening them on the application, later.


Technology UMAD
Sensor Technology ESR-1
Measurement range ± 500 μT
Operating voltage 3.7 v li-ion battery
Operating time 6 hours
Operating mods 3(Auto, manual, live)
Processor Atmel At-Mega 32 Mhz
Interconnect Bluetooth 2.0
Operating temperature -10 °C / 50 °C
Weight 0.50 kg
Dimensions closed 60 cm – adjustable 120 cm
Measurement depth Maks. 10 m
Warranty 2 years
Evo package Content
  1. Evo system unit
  2. Tablet
  3. Special carrier bag used to protect the device and all accessories
  4. 5V - 2 Ah charger device and USB cable
  5. Car charger adapter
  6. Universal plug adapter
  7. Portable charger device
  8. Multi-purpose tablet cover
  9. System unit cover
  10. Tablet cover hanger
  11. Bag hanger
  12. User manual