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From the day of its foundation in 2001, Conrad Metal Detectors (Groundtech) has been constantly increasing its activity 3D Ground Penetrating Radars, Geophysical Equipment. as well as other Detection Technologies.

The brand ‘Groundtech’ is established in order to bring new breath into the 3D Imaging System sector with its special products for deep searching only.

All products related to Conrad Metal Detectors will be rebranded as Groundtech Detectors.

We focused vision and became a world-known and well-respected technology producing company.

Groundtech new detectors are suitable for amateur and professional treasure hunters, archaeologists, engineers and any one who needs to find what is hidden in the ground.

Groundtech Detectors designed and manufactured a new generation detection technologies, lightweight, easy to use, operated only with a tablet or smart phone and our own special proprietary software.

Groundtech Detectors’s team of researchers, engineers and technicians are always committed to solving problems related to geophysical measuring instruments and ground radar.

The client satisfaction is first in their priorities list.

Groundtech Detectors is considered a world leader in geophysical instrumentation and is always looking to innovate.

Groundtech Detector Expertise

Conrad Detector brand Groundtech Detector Continues to produce new technologies with years of experience
3D Ground Penetrating Systems
Multi-Purpose Detection Systems
Underground Water Detection Systems
Metal Detectors