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Your eyes under the ground: Discovery

5.250 $

High-tech, smart ground scanning detector.

5 different scanning features

For an entertaining journey of discovery.

Automatic and Manual Ground Scanning, Real Time Scanning, Dynamic Scanning and Pinpoint Scanning as standard scanning features.
*SMR model also features automatic and manual resistivity scanning.

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discovery technology

Embedded System Technology

Get the results using a single device with detailed 3-D graphics.

On the home screen of the Discovery, you may view the 3-D scanning results and, carry out detailed analyses without the need for a different device (e.g. tablets, computers).

This is a First.

Success lies in the details

View the information on the depth, location and size with 3-D graphics and numerical data.

Different options such as 3-D analyses, details, depth information allow you to carry out detailed and perfect analyses on the measurements. Analyze the scanning results in a detailed manner with 3-D graphics and numerical data.

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Multi-language support

Easy to use with multi-language options.

It is easy to use with the language options: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Turkish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic and Persian.

Personal Customization!

Customizable menu options make your scanning process fun and easy.

Install your device for the first time and make it special to you. Free to customize menu themes, language options, units of measurement, location information, time zone and more.

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3D Graphics

Get the results quickly with the understandable graphics.

You may view the scanning results in the form of 3-D colored graphics. Metals, spaces, structures and differences are identified with a color range different from one another.

How deep would you like to go?*

Solve the mystery of every buried object with a high sensitivity of detection.

You can carry out scanning up to a 25 meter depth depending on the soil structure and the size of objects. Get results far beyond those achievable by standard detectors.

* Variable depending on the soil structure and the size of buried objects as well as the scanning function.

Perfect UMD–2 Technology by Groundtech

Get successful scanning results with the UMD-2 technology and a faster processor.

High-sensitivity UMD-2 sensor technology allows you to carry out more sensitive and deeper scanning. UMD-2 technology that minimizes the margin of error allows you to get the perfect scanning results.

Save Thousands of
Scanning Results

You will no longer lose your older data thanks to the option to save scanning results.

Create a List of

Add to favorites your successful and interesting scanning results.

Successful scanning results thanks to many features

First installation and customization, restoration to factory settings and more await you in Discovery.

Discovery SM - Package Content

Discovery system box with telescopic sensor

Hard Transport Case

AC Charger

Car Charger

USB Cable

Universal plug adapter

Carring bag for system box



User manual

Warranty Certificate

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